The Laughing Beholder (Book Excerpts)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

The Laughing Beholder was a local landmark.  Not because it was big, or busy, or scummy, or especially ritzy, but because its proprietor was a genuine-article beholder.  Shaundar had heard of Large Luigi – who hadn’t? – but he thought the creature a selkie-story.  Not so; he (if he was the accurate term) floated serenely behind the finely-carved, rounded oak bar, using one of his eyestalks to direct a polishing rag around in circles.  The other nine peered out in all directions, wriggling from the crown of his maroon ball of a body like Medusa’s tentacles, while the enormous, heavy-lidded green central eye that took up most of his “face” gazed straight ahead.  Unusually for the beholders that Shaundar had seen, all of his eyes matched.  He was humming a slightly off-key star shanty to himself in a gruff baritone.  When he saw them his eyes brightened and his broad…

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The Elven Lieutenant’s Unusual Hosts (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Through a series of improbable circumstances, a small group of young elven lieutenants, some civilian elves and a dwarf find themselves in the Elven Navy hospital in the “secret” Navy base on the Rock of Bral:

When they left the base and stepped out into the forest, all the trees were alight with their autumnal shades, perhaps in reaction to being in the phlogiston.  Birches cast golden leaves gently to the forest floor, oaks were blazing orange and ripe with acorns, ashes were aflame with various shades of red tinged with orange and gold, and laurels were green bleeding into red and then browning.  Shaundar didn’t think he had ever seen anything quite so beautiful.  He reached out and touched a laurel leaf.  The fresh bay scent lingered faintly on his fingertips.

“Look!” Sylria exclaimed, pointing up into the branches.  “There are even songbirds!”

And there were.  Shaundar noticed them…

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