Living Ships of Spelljammer

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Man-O-War Transparency by Silverblade the Enchanter. Used by permission.

The living ship is nothing new in science fiction.  Also known as bioships, we’ve been exposed to many of them in recent years.  From appearances in the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, to Babylon 5, to Farscape, LEXX, Dr. Who, Robotech, and Stargate, as well as a plethora of science fiction games and literature (shades of Starcraft, anyone?) we’ve seen quite a few, and they vary from cybernetic organisms, to animals, to plants, to insects. The first known appearance of a living ship in modern sci-fi literature was in a short story called “Specialist” by Robert Sheckley, which was published in 1953 in Galaxy Magazine.  In this story, different species in different parts of the Universe were supposed to function as different parts of a ship, and humans were intended to function as faster-than-light drives “Pushers.”…

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Rock of Bral Shanty by Sable

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Rock of Bral Shanty by Sable

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A filk of traditional sea shanty “Santy Anno,” Inspired by the Spelljammer(tm) setting for Dungeons & Dragons(tm).


So heave ‘er up and away we’ll go,
Aweigh, Rock of Bral now,
The Rock of Bral is a place I know,
Along the Arcane Inner Flow.
Well the Rock of Bral is a wretched place,
Aweigh, Rock of Bral now,
Where the locals will kill ye if they hate your face,
Along the Arcane Inner Flow
Ye can find anything ye want and more
Aweigh, Rock of Bral now,
Including some things ye didn’t bargain for
Along the Arcane Inner Flow
Oh, the slavin’ trade is alive and well
Aweigh, Rock of Bral now,
A neogi ship is a passage to Hell
Along the Arcane Inner Flow

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Rumble on the Rock (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

The elven wine came in three different varieties; a green elven summer wine, an Evereskan red, and a dry white that seemed to have come from somewhere in Greyspace.  Of the three, the summer wine was his personal favourite.  He brought those up first.  “I recommend this one,” he said to Luigi.  “We used to drink it back home.”  He coughed and cleared his throat.  Then he went back down and hauled up the ale.

“Set it in the empty spot,” Luigi instructed him.  In the meantime, the beholder had tossed some trash into the empty cask and he asked Shaundar to carry the full barrel that preceded it into the alley; which he did.

Shaundar saw the movement out of the corner of his eye at about the same time that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.  He put the stack of waste barrels between…

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