Mr. Midshipman Sunfall (Book Excerpt)

From Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine.

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Summer had finally arrived!  Somehow, Shaundar had made it, and his father had not changed his mind about taking him aboard his ship.  Selena was disappointed.  Most of the time, the two Sunfall siblings were included in everything that one or the other might be involved in, being so similar in age; but this time, Rear Admiral Sunfall had ruled that Selena was still too young to be going out into wildspace, and she would have to stay home.  It would just be Shaundar and his dad; though Uncle Madrimlian’s ship, a Man-o-War class known as the Ruamarillys “Starflower” was assigned to the Rear Admiral’s flotilla, so Shaundar would likely see him over the course of the summer as well.

All week Shaundar had been at the docks, lending a hand with the loading.  It was a mind-boggling process, keeping track of all the provisions, which had to be taken…

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