A Declaration of War (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

The crews of the Aerdrie’s Pride and Admiral Alastrarra’s ship the Wings of Glory, plus Blackjack, crowded into the meeting room at the town hall.  There seemed just enough space for the two hundred plus starhands that comprised the list.  There was a table laden with mugs and teapots of strong black tea.  Shaundar helped himself to a generous portion and dripped honey into it while he waited.

Yathar was with Blackjack, so Shaundar joined them in a seat at the edge of the door.  The boys, seeing Selena, stood up and gave her the outside seat because it had a slightly better view than the others, and they were able to compensate better due to height.  Everybody was murmuring amongst themselves.

“All right, all right, settle down,” Admiral Alastrarra ordered as he came into the room, followed by Shaundar’s father, Captain Madrimlian, Captain Durothil, and the First Mates…

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