Looking for A Few Good Elves (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Kanothi was more relaxed than Theraspar.  You almost couldn’t see it from above, because it was almost entirely formed of enormous trees, and the green and silver elven inhabitants lived in their branches.  But even they had a dock for landing flitters; ground-landing craft only, unlike the open bay of Theraspar, which also accommodated water-landers.  Shaundar could see that the recruiting drive was working here too.  Posters offered “A Chance to See the Worlds: Join the Navy!” and urged elves to “Fight for the Forests in the Skies!”  It didn’t take long to find the recruiting station, which wasn’t far from the docking bay.  On the door was a picture of King Zaor of Evermeet, dressed in military uniform and with his moonblade crossed in front of him at the ready, and the poster proclaimed “We Are Looking for a Few Good Elves.”  There was a line-up winding out the door…

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