Lionheart: Part 1 – Introduction and History

Reblogged from Wildspace: the Spelljammer Fanzine

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

IEN Flag by John "Paladine" Baxter.  Used by permission. IEN Flag by John “Paladine” Baxter. Used by permission.

By Adam Miller (Night Druid)

I love the work Adam has done on the Elven Navy and its denizens. Adam introduces us to that most glorious of elven strongholds – Lionheart itself! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ~ Blessings, Sable


This is my rendering of Lionheart, headquarters of the IEN. It is my attempt to try to give this place the detail that it both needs and deserves. I have taken great liberties with this document, as the details of the base were left vague at best. I have read the tiny little description in the Radiant Dragon novel, but my version does vary from what was written. I’ve tried to stay as true to form as I can, but recent releases detailing elvish magic and power have changed things considerably. By necessity, I’ve had to…

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