Gallery: Scro of Dukagsh

These pictures have all served as sources of inspiration for my image of the characters.  Source: Google, DeviantArt, Elfwood, Tumblr, Wizards Forums.  If you know who the artist is who created any of these images, please let me know so I can credit them appropriately.  Thank you.

11 comments on “Gallery: Scro of Dukagsh

    • This particular image? I’m sorry, I’m not sure how! I got this one from a random message board several years ago where someone said it was their character image (sorry, had the name being used – it was something that sounded like a DeviantArt identity – but there’s been a couple of computer crashes since then.) The guy said it was originally an image of a cat-man from a sci-fi book cover – which he shared an image of also so I believed him – and that he had altered it to look like an orc. I asked him if I could use it and he said sure. I made a couple other minor alterations (eye colour, the marks on the besagues, length of the tusks) and, for the book cover you’re referring to, grafted it onto a Spelljammer image that was made by a guy who was calling himself John “Paladine” Baxter, who, as far as I can tell, took Silverblade the Enchanter’s Spelljammer ship templates and put them into space images (usually paintings because they’re too colourful, but occasionally NASA photos). Oh yes, and that image also used the elven man-o-war being destroyed by the scro mantis on the cover of Goblin’s Return, shrunk down and added to the scenery. If I was lied to, please ask Todd Lockwood to contact me so that I can make it right! Do you have a link I can look at? Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

      • ” The guy said it was originally an image of a cat-man from a sci-fi book cover”

        That means “this image is owned by somebody”.

        It’s also obviously Todd’s work despite the insanely minor details you added.

        In other words – Just don’t use any art that you don’t have permission to use. It’s fairly easy to google Todd Lockwood and contact him yourself. The onus is on you to ask permission, not on him to seek you out and give permission.

        Whether or not your product is free has no bearing on the fact that you shouldn’t steal the hard work of artists. Getting permission from someone who stole the art in the first place also doesn’t absolve you of anything.

        Frankly, you sound entitled to use other peoples’ works and you disgust me.

    • See my response to your friend. If it is indeed Todd Lockwood’s work, I’ll be happy to pay him for it because I am indeed using a variation of it for my book. I am not making any money on the book because it is fan-fiction, and I am not wealthy so it may take some time, but I do believe that artists deserve recognition (and payment!) for their work. Please ask him to contact me.

      • you’ve got it the wrong way around. You should always get permission before using anybody else’s work. If you can’t get permission then don’t use it. You wouldn’t walk in a store, take products without paying and then post on facebook that if the owner contacts you you’ll credit them!
        I’m pretty sure Todd has gotten in touch. I’m surprised to see this image is still up and being used.

      • See, again, my note to your friend. As far as I know, I *had* permission. If someone has lied to me about its origins – and it was a pretty convincing lie if that’s the case because I saw the original cat-man image that was altered and it was *clearly* the source of the altered orc image – then I can hardly be responsible for that. Also, you should note that digital art and manipulation is legally required to have three points of difference; and it has that.

        If Mr. Lockwood contacts me and shows me that this was his image and I was mistaken, I’ll happily take it down or pay him for it as he likes. I’m a fan of his work; at least what I know of it from D&D and World of Warcraft (didn’t know who he was, but I’ve seen his work before and I love it.) So far he hasn’t chosen to do so.

        Just to make sure, I went to his website and found nothing that resembled this image in any of his galleries. I also ran a Google search for visually-similar images. I found a link that shows the original altered “cat-man” image here: Apparently it has something to do with the “Mazalan Book of the Fallen” by Steven Erikson, which I haven’t read, though it is on my list to read. I understand from this link: that it was reworked, or originally part of, the cover for “Memories of Ice.” Is this the image that you’re talking about? Did Troy Lockwood create that cover?

  1. I’m sorry you were lied too.
    Now as for the image:
    Yes Todd created that.
    As for ” you should note that digital art and manipulation is legally required to have three points of difference; and it has that.” that is an urban myth. ont find that in any copyright law anywhere in the world.
    Basically, there’s no amount of changing that makes it original work. If someone painted a picture, it’s theirs and any derivatives are under their control as well. If you want to use the picture, either get the rights to do so or create your own original work.

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