Toy Soldier, Spelljammer, and Chasing Fireflies

Hello, Toy Soldier fans!  Things are stirring in the ashes of the Toy Soldier Saga, which you may have noticed I have not done much with for the past couple of years.  This was due to frustration at constantly being derailed at every turn.  But I think I have a new approach that you all might appreciate.

First of all, I have revamped my Patreon account.  I explain all about it here.  Essentially, I’m now asking for funding by creation instead of per month.  This means you only fund the projects you want to fund.  Check out my rewards sidebar; I’m looking to focus primarily on the writing projects, and right now my fiction is in the forefront.

Second, A Few Good Elves is undergoing a major edit for publication on, with possibly other platforms to follow.  Rumour says that the DMsGuild is opening up to Spelljammer products soon; if it does, I’ll try to work in the Toy Soldier Saga.  Patreon support would help me to pay my editor to make a better novel for you to read!  The beta version is available at the above link; help me make it better!

Third, when that’s done, I hope to, with your help, create a full audiobook!  I intend to have music, sound effects, and possibly even voice actors.  But this is all dependent on Patreon support!  I can’t do this without your backing.  If you want to see it happen, consider becoming a Patron and supporting me by project.  If you don’t want to be a Patron to my current fiction projects, you can still Follow my Patreon page to keep up-to-date!

Fourth, with your support, I’m going to finish and fully edit the Toy Soldier Saga over the next few years.  I need your backing to make it happen, since there will be FIVE (not four, five!) books to edit and I have to pay the editor.  That’s five books to make into audiobooks as well.  And I have also been looking at some of the alternate Spelljammer type products out there.  If I can’t get Wizards of the Coast to allow me a platform to produce a professional publication for the Toy Soldier Saga in the Spelljammer setting, I will adapt it to another one, possibly Starfinder.  I think it’s too good of a story to keep down.  I hope you do too.

Which brings me to the fifth announcement; I have been invited to participate in an anthology!  It’s a summer romance anthology to be titled “Chasing Fireflies.”  At first I was hesitant because I’m not really a romance writer.  But then I had an idea about Shaundar and Y’Anid.  And I thought, “Why not?  Space opera and romance; it worked for Lois McMaster Bujold!”  So a Toy Soldier Saga story is going to be published in a romance anthology: release date July 1!  Here’s my blurb:

Interracial romances can be challenging.  So can love in wartime.  But what happens when the races in question are two different species who are ancient enemies?  And what happens when being true to love denies duty, and being true to duty denies love?  Which would you choose?

If you want to see the story without buying the anthology (which will be available in print and e-format,) you have to become a Patron at the $2 per creation level, which is my beta reader level.  And you’ll have to do it before the end of April. 😉

And last, Survivor, my short story in the Toy Soldier Saga that happens near the beginning of Brothers in Arms, is up for consideration in a reprint anthology.  I will keep you informed.

So, a lot of big things happening all at once!  If you want to make the Toy Soldier Saga happen, this is your time and your chance.  Will you lend me a hand?

3 comments on “Toy Soldier, Spelljammer, and Chasing Fireflies

  1. Great to see this coming back. 😀

    Do people need to wait until April 1st to get the Spelljammer: Toy Soldier Saga romance spin-off, instead of Discover the Wyrd West?

    Or can they throw in the money this month and somehow flag up that they want you to put it towards the April project?

    • That’s a good question! With the current settings — inviting Patrons to contribute by project as opposed to the monthly contribution — I have the option of choosing to charge current Patrons when I make a post. *Only the posts that I designate* as posts to be charged are, and only at the time that I post them. Since I have already charged my Patron(s) (currently 1) for the Wyrd West Chronicle story, you’re free to sign up anytime, and you will not be charged a dime until the Toy Soldier romance story is sent to you in an attachment.

      Note that I have *four stories* planned this month. The Toy Soldier romance story has the earliest deadline and will be the *first* one I charge for in a post. If you don’t want to contribute to the other stories I’m planning this month, just cancel your pledge after that and it won’t charge you for anything else. Then keep Following my Patreon account to get notice of the next projects planned so you can opt back in when something appears that you want to support!

      It’s a little bit more monitoring than Patrons might normally be required to do, but it allows you to opt in for what you want, and opt out of what you don’t. Which I understand completely.

      David, if I end up with a sudden influx of Spelljammer fans over the next month, then my project for May will be getting A Few Good Elves edited and starting on the audiobook. 🙂

      June’s project will center around the next Wyrd West story.

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