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Tomorrow night at 5 pm EDT I’m going to be on Pagan-Musings Podcast. (Thanks for making me sound awesome, guys!)

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on the necessity of brutality: why i went there

Content warnings also apply to the Toy Soldier Saga. Keep in mind I consciously patterned it after elements of the Napoleonic Wars, World War II and the Vietnam War. I mention a very similar variety of horrors, all of which are based in real events I pulled from history. And I went there because I believe it’s important to tell these stories, as cautionary tales if nothing else, so we don’t repeat them – and the fantastic medium allows us to take politics out of it and look at it all with some perspective.

Rebecca F. Kuang

There’s an oft-made argument in genre fiction circles that sexual violence shouldn’t be used as a plot point. It’s regressive. It’s demeaning to women. It’s gratuitously violent, grotesque, and unnecessary because we don’t need to see violence against women to know that this was a historical truth, we know it well enough–

Except we don’t.

The Poppy War is centered around the 1937 Rape of Nanjing. This also happens to be what I wrote my thesis on. I have spent over a year reading personal accounts of the bystanders, victims, and perpetrators. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned after months of research, it is that the west frankly does not care.

The west has never done a good job of caring about sexual violence done to women who aren’t white.

I’m not interested in writing utopias. I don’t like writing the alternate histories where gender equality is taken for…

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How 17th Century Dreamers Planned to Reach the Moon

Diane Morrison

By Maria Avxentevskaya

People have been dreaming about space travel for hundreds of years, long before the arrival of the spectacular technologies behind space exploration today – mighty engines roaring fire and thunder, shiny metal shapes gliding in the vastness of the universe.

We’ve only travelled into space in the last century, but humanity’s desire to reach the moon is far from recent. In the second century AD, Lucian’s True History, a parody of travel tales, already pictured a group of adventure seekers lifted to the moon. A whirlwind delivered them into the turbulence of lunar politics – a colonial war.

And much earlier than any beep of a satellite, these dreams of moon travel were given real, serious thought. The first technical reckoning of how to travel to the moon can be found in the 17th century.

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On the Horizon RELEASE DAY!

Diane Morrison

It’s finally release day for the On the Horizon Book Bundle! If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can get it here: or here:

And why wouldn’t you want a copy of this awesome set? 22 novellas and novels by 21 different authors in worlds of low or no tech! Features my Toy Soldier Saga novella “Homefront,” which is published here for the first time.

It’s only 99 cents, and only available for a limited time (90 days.) And we’ve removed the digital watermarking, so once you’ve bought it, it’s yours forever. We trust you not to post it to pirate sites. And if you do decide to share it, why not encourage your friends to support my Patreon?

Here’s two more book trailers if you’re not convinced yet:

Patrons will find their names in the Dedication section of my contribution, as promised; and thank…

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