Draconian System

Dragonspace is the sphere in which my homebrewed campaign setting, Draconia, is located.  It becomes much more significant in “Sable’s Privateers”.  For now, its primary significance is that the secret N’Velahrn base discussed at the beginning of “Brothers in Arms,” where Shaundar and Yathar receive their training is located on Permafrost, a frozen water flatworld on the edge of the crystal sphere.

Dragonspace is also significant because by prevailing phlogiston currents, the scro must pass through it or Spiralspace to get to Realmspace and the other members of the Radiant Triangle (the big three campaign worlds.)  It also provides passage to Greatspace, Krynnspace, and a few other significant spheres to the elves.

It is important to note that dragons and dragonkin of all kinds are abundant here, and generally, dragons of suitable elemental type will be found on every planet in this sphere.   The homeworld of the allyri is also located in this sphere.

Aurel (The Sun) – Type J Planet Icon Regular  Fire; Irregular star-shaped gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire.  Inhabited by fire elemental and draconic creatures.

Sumask – Type C Planet Icon Cubic Earth; a cube-shaped earth world riddled with valuable mineral deposits.  Home to a variety of earth elemental creatures, dragons, and enterprising dwarves and allyri, with a significant Underdark population.

Azuria – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Water (Rings); Planet Icon Amorphous Moon (Skymist, Type B); Azuria, a glittering blue jewel from a distance with spectacular ice rings, supports a variety of aquatic sentients, including dragons, allyri, elves, sahaugin, and kua-toa and aboleth at the depths of its core.  The ice rings support vast communities of white dragons, white-winged allyri and ice giants, who periodically make war on the air elementals, silver dragons, silver allyri and cloud giants of Skymist.

Draconia – Type G Planet Icon Spherical Earth, Planet Icon Spherical 3 Moons (Ardath, Valdemar,Warlock, Type C); rotates east to west instead of west to east, so the sun rises in the west and sets in the east; homeworld of the allyri; location of the city of Alarah.  This is a vast, complex world full of a variety of cultures, including an ancient elven kingdom and an Asian/Oriental culture.

The Rocks – Type A & B Planet Icon Belt Earth; mostly this terrain is atmospherically poor, and is best suited to spacefaring life, including radiant dragons, star selkies, and kindori riders.  The scro set up a mining operation in the Rocks.

Adonia – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Earth (Liveworld); intelligent, giant and often predatory plant life dwells in abundance here; site of the training mission in“Brothers in Arms.”

Ballock (The Wandering Star) – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Fire; Irregular Orbit periodically freezes and melts the Rocks and Permafrost.

Permafrost – Type E Planet Icon Flatworld Water (Iceworld); mostly uninhabited except for some cold-dwelling monsters; location of the N’Velahrn base where the Permafrost Project is established and trained for in “Brothers in Arms.”

The Stars – Type A Planet Icon Belt Fire; little fire bodies that need to be carefully avoided by spelljammers.

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