Telasian System

Realmspace is the sphere that contains the Forgotten Realms® campaign setting, which is located on the world of Toril.  It is the sphere in which our story begins, on the small colony world of Nedethil, which is in the roots of Garden.

 – Type H Planet Icon Spherical Fire; an uninhabitable world riddled with portals and creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Anadia – Type B Planet Icon Spherical Earth; baked by the heat of the Sun, the canyons and crevasses of this world are filled with umber hulks and the like in the deadly equatorial regions, while the Poles are inhabited by a uniquely adapted race of halflings.

Coliar – Type G Planet Icon Spherical Air; this hot air world is filled with islands of floating water or earth, making for excellent ports for spelljammers.  The world is inhabited by avians and reptiles of all sorts.

Toril – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Earth, Planet Icon Spherical Moon (Selune) & Planet Icon Cluster Cluster (Selune’s Tears); principle world of the sphere.  Evermeet, and the lost empire of Cormanthyr and the destroyed city of Myth Drannor, are located here. Selune is called “Leira” by its inhabitants and is the location of the “Battle of Leira.” Selune’s Tears is the location of “Aces High”, the Imperial Elven Navy Elite Flight Academy; Dragon Rock, which becomes the port-of-call for Sable’s ships in “Sweet Water & Light Laughter;” and as of the end of “A Few Good Elves,” it becomes the location of the Rock of Bral (Type A Planet Icon Irregular Earth); location of the Rock of Bral spaceport to which the crew of the Dragonfly was taken at the end of “A Few Good Elves”; also the location to which they return to join the Permafrost Project; also the location to which Shaundar returns at the end of “Brothers in Arms”; also the port-of-call for Sable’s ships in “Sable’s Privateers.”  Before the events of “A Few Good Elves,” this mobile asteroid base was part of Spiralspace.

Karpri – Type D Planet Icon Spherical Water; this waterworld is the planet around which the Karpri Base orbits, where one of the battles in “A Few Good Elves” takes place.  It is inhabited by sea elves and aquatic insects.

Chandros – Type F Planet Icon Spherical Water; this water world has unstable rock islands that shift and change.  The humans, orcs and dwarves who inhabit it scrabble desperately for resources.

Glyth – Type E Planet Icon Spherical Earth, 3 Moons; (Planet Icon Spherical Mingabwe, Type B, Planet Icon Spherical Polluter Type A Moon of Mingabwe, Planet Icon Elliptical Haven, Type A); this beholder and illithid slave world contains a very unusual ring formation; location of the “Battle of Glyth’s Rings.”

Garden – Type A Planet Icon Cluster Earth (Liveworld); 12 Moons (Planet Icon Spherical Type A); Nedethil Planet Icon Spherical is a large (Type C) planetoid in Garden’s roots (Shaundar’s homeworld); Paeceon Planet Icon Flatworld is an Imperial Elven Navy military base located on a Type A diskworld that is one of Garden’s moons.  Garden is also called Yggdrasil’s Child and is sometimes believed to be just that; or perhaps one of its roots.

H’Catha – Type C Planet Icon Flatworld Water; 2 Moons; Planet Icon Spherical Moon flat water world resembling a wagon wheel from a distance with great pointy mountain at the center “the Spindle”; inhabited by beholders; homeworld of Large Luigi.

For more information on Realmspace, see the Beyond the Moons Website.

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