Spiral is the location of the Raven Talon Prison Camp, and was the location of the Rock of Bral as of “A Few Good Elves” and the officially-published Spelljammer® novel “The Maelstrom’s Eye.”   I have extensively mined the geography of Paul Westermeyer’s “Bralspace” from the Beyond the Moons Spelljammer® website, but have ignored the politics because they are inconsistent with my story.

A navigational detail which becomes integral to “A Few Good Elves” is that there are distinctive constellations marked on the crystal shell which form a sort of zodiac.  They are:

1 o’clock – Scavver
2 o’clock – Kraken
3 o’clock – Starbeast
4 o’clock – Kindori
5 o’clock – Neogi
6 o’clock – Dragon
7 o’clock – Sarphardin
8 o’clock – Giff
9 o’clock – Beholder
10 o’clock – Eagle
11 o’clock – Griffon
12 o’clock – Lion

The crew of the Dragonfly attempted to use the Beholder constellation as a navigational landmark to locate Ironpiece.


Sun – Type C Planet Icon Spherical Fire

Barre Sinister – Type A Planet Icon Irregular Earth

Scavverbone – Type A Planet Icon Irregular Earth

Red Belt

Shipwrecker – Type B Planet Icon Spherical Earth

Green Belt

Barbuda – Type C Planet Icon Spherical Water

Minial’s Arch – Type B Planet Icon Spherical Earth; a former elven world destroyed and taken over by the scro.  They were occupied by the Doomspears and the lads found the wreckage of broken elven statues there when they landed to resupply in “Brothers in Arms” with the Blacktusk Pirates.

Blue Belt

Numeliador – Type B Planet Icon Cluster Earth; this world was mentioned as one of the elven worlds destroyed by the scro in the canon Spelljammer novels.

Violet Belt

Diamondhammer’s Stake – Type A Planet Icon Cluster Earth

Gods’ Marbles – Type A Planet Icon Cluster Earth

Grainfields – Type A Planet Icon Cluster Earth

Rock of Bral – Type A Planet Icon Irregular Earth; location of the Rock of Bral spaceport to which the crew of the Dragonfly was taken at the end of “A Few Good Elves”; also the location to which Shaundar returns at the end of “Brothers in Arms”; also the port-of-call for Sable’s ships in “Sable’s Privateers.”  After the events of “A Few Good Elves,” this mobile asteroid base becomes part of Realmspace.  This is consistent with “The Cloakmaster Cycle,” the officially published Spelljammer® novel series.

Spiral – Type C Planet Icon Spherical Earth; location of the Raven Talon Prison Camp in “A Few Good Elves”.

Flicker – Type A Planet Icon Spherical Earth

Unipaxala – Type A Planet Icon Spherical Earth

Grey Belt

Ironpiece – Type C Planet Icon Flatworld Earth; gnomish world to which the crew of the Dragonfly were trying to flee in “A Few Good Elves”.  They never reach their destination.

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