New Cover Image for A Few Good Elves!

Hey gang! I’m pulling my head up from NaNoWriMo for a moment to post this brand-new awesome image which, if I self-publish, will be the cover for A Few Good Elves!  If not, it’s official art by the awesome Aaron Siddall!  Check it out!


Coming Home

Art by Silverblade the Enchanter. This is an image I used for inspiration for “The Queen’s Dirk.” The phrase is my translation into Espruar.

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Man-O-War, Approach by Silverblade the Enchanter. Copyright (c) 2010. Used by permission.

The elves are coming in for a landing now.  It’s been a fun month!  Alus’avae ent soehlae’ivae shunti quen aelou!  (Sweet water and light laughter until we next meet.)

In June we highlight the primary foes of the elves: the orcs!

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