Crystal Spheres: Part 1 – What is a Crystal Sphere?

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Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Crystal spheres are one of the unusual features of Spelljammer that set the game apart from other fantasy space roleplaying games. Some people really like them – other people dislike them and tweak the game to remove them. I would like to tell you why I think crystal spheres are a really useful part of the SJ Universe, but first, here is a reprint of the crystal sphere article I wrote for Spelljammer Wiki.

A crystal sphere, also known as a crystal shell, is an object of great size that surrounds an entire planetary system and forms a boundary that separates wildspace from the phlogiston.

The size of crystal spheres is related to the size of the planetary system within them. As the name ‘crystal sphere’ implies, the objects are spherical.

Although they are solid, crystal spheres have no gravity and no atmosphere. The material crystal spheres…

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