Rumble on the Rock (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

The elven wine came in three different varieties; a green elven summer wine, an Evereskan red, and a dry white that seemed to have come from somewhere in Greyspace.  Of the three, the summer wine was his personal favourite.  He brought those up first.  “I recommend this one,” he said to Luigi.  “We used to drink it back home.”  He coughed and cleared his throat.  Then he went back down and hauled up the ale.

“Set it in the empty spot,” Luigi instructed him.  In the meantime, the beholder had tossed some trash into the empty cask and he asked Shaundar to carry the full barrel that preceded it into the alley; which he did.

Shaundar saw the movement out of the corner of his eye at about the same time that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.  He put the stack of waste barrels between…

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The Laughing Beholder (Book Excerpts)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

The Laughing Beholder was a local landmark.  Not because it was big, or busy, or scummy, or especially ritzy, but because its proprietor was a genuine-article beholder.  Shaundar had heard of Large Luigi – who hadn’t? – but he thought the creature a selkie-story.  Not so; he (if he was the accurate term) floated serenely behind the finely-carved, rounded oak bar, using one of his eyestalks to direct a polishing rag around in circles.  The other nine peered out in all directions, wriggling from the crown of his maroon ball of a body like Medusa’s tentacles, while the enormous, heavy-lidded green central eye that took up most of his “face” gazed straight ahead.  Unusually for the beholders that Shaundar had seen, all of his eyes matched.  He was humming a slightly off-key star shanty to himself in a gruff baritone.  When he saw them his eyes brightened and his broad…

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Between the Rock and a Hard Place (Book Excerpt)

Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine

Spacefarers everywhere agreed: the Rock of Bral was a wretched den of vice, thievery and betrayal; the midden-pit of the Universe.  But everyone came there eventually.  That’s what Shaundar Sunfall was relying on.  Sooner or later, if his sister yet lived, she would come to this place.

He had been in port three months now, however, and he wasn’t sure he could wait here much longer.  The handful of coins he’d arrived with when he hit the shore had quickly dwindled away.  Shaundar had no idea how expensive everything was here.  The last time he had been on the Rock, he’d still been a member of the Imperial Elven Navy, and they’d seen to his needs at the base.  Now that he was officially a deserter, to return to the Navy would be to court death – or worse.  He shuddered at the memory, and his scarred back twinged painfully.

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