Book 5: May the Airts Blow Fair & Free

This book is not written yet!  Sign up for my Crew for updates as to expected release date.

Synopsis for Book Five – With the death of his sister and the unofficial disbanding of Sable’s Privateers, elven ex-marine Shaundar Sunfall finds himself adrift, until he unexpectedly falls in love and makes the most unlikely of best friends – a dark elf. He must then quest for the Crown of the Avalonian Empire on behalf of another Privateer – or wear it himself. Worst of all, the Navy has asked him to return – as their Grand Admiral! In all of this chaos, can Shaundar learn to be an elf again, and find peace at last? Or will his past finally destroy him?

One comment on “Book 5: May the Airts Blow Fair & Free

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