Book 3: Brothers in Arms

The Novel

Participant-100x100-2“Brothers in Arms” is the sequel to “A Few Good Elves,” my entry in 2011’s National Novel Writing Month, in which I was a winner. I was not successful in 2012 because I had a November 15th deadline on a non-fiction book that was published by Weiser Books. Writing on this novel has begun, but it is not completed yet! Currently, the Prologue and Chapters One through Sixteen are completed in first draft (about 178,000 words.)

The Toy Soldier Saga is a work in progress! Please check back frequently for new installments or sign up for our Crew.

Related Stories & Novellas

A novella, “Eye of the Storm,” takes place in the middle of this book.  It was published in Chasing Fireflies: A Summer Romance Anthology, in July 2017.


An audiobook is forthcoming, as is a radio play; release date TBA.

21 comments on “Book 3: Brothers in Arms

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  2. Is this book done? The copy I downloaded previously cut out on page 617 after a certain somebody fell into a toilet. (no spoilers) I love the story you’re telling and your writing is incredible, keep up the great work!

    • Not yet! But the home stretch is in sight; I just started part 4, and I think there will be 5 parts. There have been some significant changes since that last installment (namely, I switched the roles of a couple of characters; no spoilers but you may have to skim through it again to catch up with the changes) and I’ll be uploading a new installment as soon as I finish my current edit; probably in just a couple of days. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

      • I’m a smart feller, I’ll probably manage to figure it out. 🙂 But for the record, *THIS* book (Brothers In Arms) is done, right? You’re onto at least Sable’s Privatters?

      • I am not! I started writing the beginning of Sable’s Privateers because the rules of National Novel Writing Month specify that you must start a NEW novel, and I knew roughly how Brothers was going to end, so I was able to write what I have written. I am still actively working on it, though I am nearing the end. Sorry for the confusion!

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